Contact Sheet Exhibition in Hastings at The Lucy Bell Gallery

Probably the most revealing way to show what happens in a shoot is to peruse the contact sheets. This is a privilege usually only given to the subjects of the shoot, or the picture editors at the publication the photographer was working for.

At the Lucy Bell Gallery you can now take the place of subjects and picture editors by seeing contact sheets from some of the most experienced photographers in the music industry. Observe how David Bowie's relationship with Duffy develops in a contact sheet for Aladdin Sane, or my shoot with Bjork where she bends and twists her body to express the angular way she sees the world, or a favourite series - Jimi Hendrix on stage circa 1967, shot with a Hasselblad by Rockarchive's Colin Purvor. And one of the only studio shoots that Bob Marley did, with another rockarchive photographer, Alan Ballard, which says a great deal about the joyful person Bob Marley was. Some fans have told me they loved seeing a series of backstage pictures of Joy Division after a gig - all having a laugh.

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