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Jill recalls her first portrait assignment

In 1974 she was asked by Melody Maker to accompany a journalist to the Royal Garden Hotel in Knightsbridge to photograph Stevie Wonder...

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Here is the complete archive. Every shoot Jill has ever taken. Browse and select for editorial use or to buy a print for your wall. If the artists name is there but no images listed, please contact us and we will help you find what you are looking for...


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Jill Furmanovsky with Lucy Bell

Jill Furmanovsky with Lucy Bell

Probably the most revealing way to show what happens in a shoot is to peruse the contact sheets. This is a privilege usually only given to the subjects of the shoot, or the picture editors at the publication the photographer was working for.

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My first ever portrait assignment was a one-off In 1974, photographing Stevie Wonder for Melody Maker when one of their regulars was ill.

Stevie Wonder, 1974.

Stevie Wonder, 1974.

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Every month we will announce a selection of rare, vintage, press prints from the days when Jill submitted images to be included in the music press. These were printed at the time, usually the night of the gig! Then taken to the press to be copied and printed int he magazine or newspaper. Meaning they could well be one of a kind! Grab yourself a piece of rock and roll history...

Rockarchive founder, Jill Furmanovsky, was born and brought up in Rhodesia...